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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein countBUSCO
Single Duplicated Fragmented Missing
Genome representation (RefSeq)e
UP000008143Xenopus tropicalis (Western clawed frog) (Silurana tropicalis) (Strain: Nigerian)836454890 n:3950
C:62.9% (S:37.4% D:25.4%) F:2.4% M:34.8%
UP000297025Nocardioides daphniae (Strain: JCM 16608)4022972853 n:352
C:78.1% (S:78.1% D:0%) F:3.1% M:18.8%
UP000121340Miniopterus associated gemycircularvirus 119853872Standardfull
UP000282367Lepus americanus faeces associated genomovirus SHP722191202Standardfull
UP000008142Ajellomyces capsulatus (strain H88) (Darling's disease fungus) (Histoplasma capsulatum)5447119445 n:4046
C:93.2% (S:93.1% D:0%) F:4.9% M:1.9%
UP000001300Yarrowia lipolytica (strain CLIB 122 / E 150) (Yeast) (Candida lipolytica)2845916454 n:1711
C:87.9% (S:87.3% D:0.6%) F:9.8% M:2.3%
UP000243243Maribacter sp. 4U2118897793145 n:443
C:98.6% (S:98.4% D:0.2%) F:0.9% M:0.5%
UP000001764Spiroplasma virus SpV1-C74 (SpV1)18595913Standardfull
UP000201527Wuhan cricket virus (Strain: WHXS-1)17460706Close to Standardfull
UP000052094Feline papillomavirus type 25682096Standardfull
UP000201301Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic disease associated satellite DNA beta-[Ibaraki]4171931Close to Standardfull
UP000277409Pacific flying fox faeces associated circular DNA virus-117960042Close to Standardfull
UP000238375Spirosoma oryzae (Strain: DSM 28354)14696035655 n:443
C:97.3% (S:96.6% D:0.7%) F:2% M:0.7%
UP000201595Lake Sarah-associated circular virus-616857832Close to Standardfull
UP000222162Lactococcus phage 49801186884760Standardfull
UP000119411Human papillomavirus 1499093287Standardfull
UP000201362Mannheimia phage vB_MhS_1152AP2157274779Standardfull
UP000201136Raccoon-associated polyomavirus 219789207Standardfull
UP000008085Liberibacter phage SC194196940Standardfull
UP000241360Streptomyces phage Bing207942787Standardfull
UP000032512Bacillus subterraneus (Strain: MITOT1)2859833465 n:526
C:98.1% (S:97.3% D:0.8%) F:0.4% M:1.5%
UP000287084Paracoccus phage vB_PyeM_Pyei1250056675Outlierfull
UP000031466Flavobacterium sp. KMS15660234503 n:443
C:98% (S:97.3% D:0.7%) F:1.1% M:0.9%
UP000297982Halobacillus salinus (Strain: HSL-3)1928143800 n:526
C:98.5% (S:98.1% D:0.4%) F:1.1% M:0.4%
UP000253495Halopolyspora algeriensis (Strain: CECT 8575)15005064304 n:352
C:99.7% (S:99.7% D:0%) F:0.3% M:0%
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